Exit made in 2008 to CallWave Inc. now FuzeBox Inc. Xform Computing Inc Val9000 ClimateMinder Partners1993 Promojam Vidcaster Planana



Founded in 2013, GoCoin is a technology company providing Bitcoin payment processing for e-commerce, digital content and interactive/social gaming companies. GoCoin publishes a robust set of merchant APIs, that companies and independent software developer use to process Bitcoin payments.


A graduate of Angel Pad SF, Fieldwire is the first mobile, geo-tagged enterprise task management platform tailored for the field. Founded in 2013, it allows teams to collaborate by recording, tracking and sharing critical information.

  Realty Mogul

Founded in 2012, Realty Mogul is a marketplace for accredited investors to pool money online and buy shares of pre-vetted investment properties. The startup is a crowdfunding platform for real estate, where investors can browse of different investments, sign the paperwork and submit the payment for deals of interest. The investment in the real estate happens only when the total funding goal is reached and as investor you can track your investment in an investor dashboard. Realty Mogul was incubated by the Microsoft/TechStars Accelerator in Seattle and already funded its first project — AH Capital used the site to raise $110,000 to purchase and rehabilitate a duplex in Los Angeles.


Founded in 2009, Gremln is a web-based software tool for businesses that use social media. The suite of tools include an engagement and an analysis platform featuring organization tools and sentiment analysis. To provide data analysis, Gremln has also developed a robust, social data analytics platform. Unlike the traditional social media marketing platforms Gremln provides tools for industries that require compliance with regulatory industries such as financial services and healthcare. Gremln has more than 135,000 users and enables businesses to better understand their communities by reviewing real-time data about customers and revenue generated from social media efforts.


Founded in 2012, LeanPlum enables product managers to use A/B testing, data, and realtime updates to understand and monetize their users better. LeanPum empower sproduct managers to do realtime testing right from the dashboard, and the startup interprets the results for them. No more hacking together testing solutions, or waiting 2 weeks to resubmit your app.


Founded in 2011, GonnaBe is the simplest way to share information. The platform eases the process of finding out what's going on, no more texting or calls to bunch of friends. GonnaBe makes your social life as scannable as other data streams like email, Twitter, etc. GonnaBe works a lot like Instagram – you can share your plans with just your followers, or out to your social channels. It’s as private or as public as you want it to be.


Founded in 2011, TranscribeMe makes audio content searchable and shareable, by converting speech to text, using a hybrid software + crowd-sourced platform. For complex audio with multiple speakers, overlapping conversations, ambient noise, or subject-specific jargon, the startup produces a 99% accurate, speaker identified transcription, using a proprietary micro-tasking technology which allows pieces of audio to be processed in parallel.


Founded in 2009, Promojam is one of the first products of the newly dubbed “Silicon Beach”(located in Venice Beach, CA). Promojam offers a “one-stop shop” social media marketing solution. Their social Marketing Platform provides a comprehensive and powerful toolset that increases consumer engagement across multiple social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn and Foursquare.

PromoJam’s powerful SaaS technology platform provides enterprise businesses a central place to easily build, launch, run, promote and track promotions across multiple social networks. PromoJam’s mobile promotions platform, is universally accessible on smartphones, integrates with QR Codes and SMS technology, and allows brands to reach users anywhere. Promojam’s location is ideal for targeting the media market, which is one of their main market segments. Their platform is used by many prominent brands and artists, a small portion of which include: NBC Universal, ClearChannel Media, KSwiss Blackberry, Paramount Home Entertainment, Avon Cosmetics, Justin Bieber, and Rihanna.


Founded in 2010, Vidcaster, a San Francisco based technology startup, at its core, is an online video platform and video site builder. The platform supports any video player and offers robust add-on integrations. A user has various options to choose from such as site theme, upload a logo, select custom colors, use advanced CSS and HTML features to create a fully customized look. Features of the platform include video SEO tools for increasing visibility, subtitles, syndication with YouTube, Gigya, MRSS, Facebook, analytics, ad support, HD, fullscreen, channels, multiple users, on demand streaming.

Vidcaster was part of 500 Startups’ Innagural class and are on an accelerated track to establishing a substantial footprint in their market. Vidcaster’s clients include: AirBnb, Microsoft BizSpark, Zendesk, Twilio, Indiana University, Dream Simplicity, and Creditcards.com. Keep an eye out for exciting developments in the coming months.


Launched in 2009, Jelli is a cloud platform for radio, transforming the airwaves for listeners, radio stations and advertisers. Jelli is 100% user-controlled radio and uses internet crowdsourcing and group empowerment to lobby and affect change over songs played at different radio stations. Jelli is based in San Mateo and some of the investors include Battery Ventures, Intel Capital, Relay Ventures, First Round Capital.


Stealth startup, based in San Fransisco.

  ClimateMinder™ (exit in December,2012)

ClimateMinder™ is a wireless climate monitoring and control system for agriculture. It uses mobile network technology to transmit key data from the field directly to growers' mobile phones, computers and controlsystems. ClimateMinder helps growers reduce water, increase quality and increase yield.


Planana, is an LA based startup founded by two recent USC graduates that offer robust solution in the events analytics. The predictive algorithm helps event organizers to better understand attendees behavior. They have won several startup competitions and presented at DEMO Fall 2011.

  Any Meeting

Based in Huntington Beach, California, AnyMeeting is a free web conferencing service for any type of online meeting or conference. The service is built on the company's proven SaaS platform, where the host is able to invite up to 200 attendees per meeting with no time limits.


Founded in 2011, Atlas is a LA based startup. At its core it, it is amobile collaboration platform that centralizes all your calendars, contacts, tasks, and notes making collaboration on mobile shockingly simple - no email required.

  Xform Computing Inc

Xform Computing Inc is a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) services startup with a loyal following, providing full mobile desktop access with Virtual Network Connectivity (VNC). Xform Computing Inc is expanding its business to mobile users bringing the full individual desktop in the cloud to iPhone and Android.

  WebMessenger ( Exit made in 2008 to CallWave, now FuzeBox Inc. )

WebMessenger was an award winning mobile instant messaging product company. It provided all your IM in one place, everywhere you go. Now all your IM accounts can play nice together in one web messenger app. Fuze Messenger integrates them through a single interface with award-winning, business-grade mobile apps optimized for your iPhone™ or BlackBerry®


Scopix is a CA based market leader in retail video analytics, CPG companies and manufactures. The cloud based solutions collect in-store performance, return timely data and provide actionable information via a web based portal. The Real.Suite assists store personnel, regional managers and corporate executives to help them maximize the customer experience.

  Partners 1993

Partners 1993 Inc., is a software development and services company focused on mobile applications, is a spin-off of the award-winning mobile product company, WebMessenger Inc. which was acquired in 2008 by CallWave. They have success in delivering applications on all major mobile platforms. Their track record demonstrates our knowledge and skills across a wide variety of technologies.Partners 1993 currently is contracted to provide engineering services for VoiVoda partner companies as part of our investment strategy. A compilation of projects for startup companies that Partners1993 has worked on can be seen here.


Val9000 has perfected a highly accurate, secure, real-time, Voice User Interface (VUI) to hospital medical records systems using natural language and domain specific semantic contexts. Val9000 is expanding its business into the consumer health market.


Handster is an AppStore solution company offering a white label platform and a branded AppStore. The platform supports Windows Mobile, Google Android, BlackBerry, Symbian and Java applications. Smart phone users can access the store via a website, mobile web and an on-device client. The company offers a scalable white label AppStore solution for mobile operators, handset manufacturers and distributors.

Handster powers the application store for HP EMEA and provides aggregated content for the LG App Store. Most recently, Handster became the leading third-party application store for Android apps, beating out PocketGear, Amazon's App Store, GetJar, and a dozen other popular brands. As of June 2011, Handster hosted nearly 37,000 apps, with 2,500 more added each month. In September of 2011 Handster made a successful exit to the Opera Browser company. The CEO, Victor Shaburov is now on the advisor board for VoiVoda.


CloudBasic develops multi-cloud application platforms and products that abstract the underlying Cloud Provider specifics and facilitate application portability and provider independence. At the core of the product line is our Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offering that supports rapid development of rich HTML5 business systems targeting legacy desktop and mobile tablet platforms.

The open architecture of CloudBasic is designed from the ground-up to address critical business security needs and promote the creation of next generation social enterprise applications.