Hank Leber, CEO GonnaBe about Voivoda Ventures

Hank's Testimonial

Hi, my name is Hank. I'm the CEO of Gonnabe, social media for the future as in all the things you are going to be doing. Val and Emil and VoiVoda are investors in our company. We have known them for the better part of a year and they have been really helpful along the way. We met at a pitch competition they were holding at VoiVoda maybe 10 months ago, and they liked the idea, they liked the team, they liked the concept, but they wanted to know more about it, and stayed close to us as we built the company into what it is today.

They were really good with connections [they will help you], with advice [they'll help you], with helping us understand our business better and really help us grow it [they'll help you], and now that they are investors in the company, they have actually turned on the jets a lot and they have been really, really helpful with us, trying to grow to the next level, which we're excited to get to, because I think they'll help us a lot there too.

I highly recommend working with them. I think their energy is great, their knowledge is incredible. I think their experience in the startup world and just in companies, acquisitions, M&A... is really valuable to have and you know it is a legitimate recommendation. I think they're great.We are happy to have them on board and we are looking forward to the next parts coming up. So, that's it. Feel free to reach out to me, personally, if you want to talk about anything, I'll be happy to talk (hankatgonnabedotcom).Thanks!

  Alexei Dunayev, CEO TranscibeMe sharing his experience with Voivoda Ventures

Alexei's Testimonial

Hi, I'm Alexei, a Stanford Fullbright Scholer and serial entrepenuer and current CEO of TranscribeMe. Our startup set out to solve a difficult problem of accurate and timely voice to text service, using an innovative hybrid model that combines automation and human labor. Our approach is superior to other players in the transcription space with regards to perfect accuracy, fast turnaround and affordable pricing, the key success factors in the market.

We met Val Babajov from VoiVoda Ventures at our very first investor presentation in March 2012, at the DEMO conference, and they had a pivotal involvement in our round, co-leading it with Tech Coast Angels to a successfully oversubscribed round in November. Val, and the team at VoiVoda, continuously engaging with us over an 8 month process in due diligence, and gave us practical business advice to help us turn our idea into reality. In particular, VoiVoda Ventures facilitated the opportunities needed to present at the leading angel syndicates in Los Angeles and San Francisco, including Tech Coast Angels, Sand Hill Angels, Band of Angels, Pasadena Angels and The Angel’s Forum. Having access to well-connected investors in these networks ultimately helped us close the round, and the team from Voivoda has been supporting us along each step of the process.

Now that we have closed the angel investment round, we have both access to funding, and to exceptionally connected and experienced investors, who are critical to our business success. TranscribeMe is working hard to reach our goals of providing a fast, highly accurate and very affordable voice to text service to our customers. We are well on our way, closing well known clients such as VMWare and establishing partnerships with market leaders such as Evernote. I would like to thank Voivoda Ventures for their coaching through the fundraising process, and for their on-going support of our venture. The VoiVoda team has made themselves available when ever needed and continues to do so, I feel they truly encompass what people mean when they reference a “smart money” investment.