Selection Criteria of VoiVoda Ventures

At VoiVoda Ventures we concentrate our investment activity in sectors where we can add the most value as an investor and mentor. However, we keep an open mind and would like to hear from you if you think you are a good fit for our residency program.

   Sectors we invest in

VoiVoda primarily invests in B2B technology companies in the following sectors:

  Stage of the company

Our process works best with companies looking to raise their first institutional round ($500k- $1.5 million). Ideally companies have two co-founders, strong technology, and some early market/sales validation. Companies should be operating in large markets and have scalable business models.

  Operational Necessities

1. Companies must be willing to open parent corporation inside the USA.

2. At least one member of the founding team must be prepared to re-locate to California. VoiVoda Ventures can help with this process.

3. VoiVoda Ventures has a high level of expertise in helping to obtain work visas. If this is needed, it will be discussed on a case-by-case basis.